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Umbilical Cord Clamp

Umbilical Cord Clamp

  • Available in white, blue, dark blue colors.
Ref. No.: Materials: Color: Qty.Cs:
NMG160030 PP White 5000
NMG160020 ABS White 5000
NMG160001 Nylon White 5000

Umbilical cord clamp, A needle holder also called a needle driver (Figure ​(Figure1),1), is made from stainless steel and is used to hold a suturing needle during surgical procedures.

Umbilical Cord Clamp

To maintain a firm grip on the needle, the jaws have textured patterns either etched directly on the stainless steel or on a replaceable tungsten carbide insert, umbilical cord clamp which grips the suture needle more precisely and wears out much slower than stainless steel. Needle holders with tungsten carbide inserts are normally identified with gold plated rings.

A needle holder must be matched to the needle size for which it is intended.

Post-operative care

Open the needle holder by separating the ratchet. Prevent blood from drying onto the instrument by soaking it in an enzymatic solution. Alternatively, place a moist towel saturated with water over it within 20 minutes of use.

Umbilical Cord Clamp using in Inspection and testing

A needle holder should be able to hold a hair on the back of your hand. If not, it is not functioning properly. With use, the jaw surfaces will wear out and stop making full contact, which affects their grip. Bends and cracks can also develop on the jaws and other parts of the needle holder.

It is important to inspect needle holders after each procedure and before sterilizing them. Use a bright lamp and a magnifying glass or microscope to check for any of the following flaws.

  • Bent or worn jaws. When the needle holder is held up to bright light in the closed position, no light should shine through the jaw surfaces. If the light only shines through a small portion of the jaws, either the jaw or the jaw insert is worn out. A worn jaw insert must be replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified vendor. If the jaw is worn (Figure ​(Figure2),2), umbilical cord clamp the entire needle holder must be replaced. If the light shines through a significant portion of the surface (Figure ), one of the jaws is probably bent. Follow the procedure described later in this article to correct it.