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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed


Plastic Blood Lancet (Twist Top)


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NME000201 Light Blue 28G
NME000202 Dark Blue 28G
NME000203 White 28G
PLASTIC BLOOD LANCET (TWIST TOP), Twist Top Plastic Blood Lancet, Plastic Blood Lancet, Twist Top Plastic Blood Lancet, Twist Top Plastic Blood Lancet at an affordable price, Blood Lancet Plastic Round Twist Top, Blood Lancet price in India, Blood Lancet Nexgen Medical. PLASTIC BLOOD LANCET As diabetics need to monitor their sugar levels on a regular basis, they need certain diabetes supplies to test their blood glucose. Diabetic supplies include a glucometer, test strips, and lancets. While it is alright to use a glucometer many times, the same cannot be said for needles, test strips, and lancets. Needles, lancets, and test strips should be disposed of immediately after use in a safe and sanitary manner. Let’s learn how to dispose of needles and lancets. It is important to know not just how to use them, but also how to dispose of your diabetic supplies safely and properly. Always remember to use your own needles, lancets, and syringes. It is also important to NEVER clean your needles or lancets with alcohol as this removes the coating that helps it slide into your skin. The ripping of the coating makes the syringe or needle dull. And a dull stick is more painful and offers less blood, leading to wastage of that supply. Also, it is important to not share supplies from a hygiene point of view. Make sure to immediately dispose of or discard insulin needles if they are bent, dull, or unsanitary. The entire syringe should be placed in an airtight or well-sealed container so that it won’t allow the needle to breakthrough. Lancets are used to collect small blood samples. These also need to be disposed of in a sanitary manner. Suitable containers for disposing of needles and lancets include a heavy plastic bottle with a screw cap or a plastic box that closes securely. Never use glass. Make sure to dispose of the pack with a well-written note stating USED SHARPS, DO NOT RECYCLE, and put in the regular trash. There are also store-bought containers that are available for disposing of lancets. You can look for these on diabetic product websites.