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Non-mercury Thermometer (armpit use, large size)

Non-mercury Thermometer (armpit use, large size)


Oval type, square shape plastic box and arc shape plastic box are available.

C, F and C & F are available.

Range: 35 – 42 °C / 94 - 108°F

Accuracy: 0.1 in °C scale / 0.2 in °F scale

A non-mercury thermometer use anon-toxic alcohol rather of mercury to register the temperature. A non-mercury thermometer contain a device called a thermoresistor. The thermoresistor has an electrical current running through it, and the resistance, or how freely the current can flow, changes with temperature. Measures Factual Temperature In °F & °C, Battery Can Be Replaced, Bus Switch-Off, Fast Result In 10 Seconds (For Oral & Under Arm), 100 Coffer (Non Mercury), Flexible Tip Handed For Easy Use, Large TV Display With Last Reading Memory, Buzzer-Beeps When Temperature Reached.

Non-Mercury Thermometer Features

100 safe (non mercury). Flexible tip handed for easy use. Fast result in 10 seconds (for oral and under arm). Large TV display with last reading memory. Buzzer-beeps when temperature reached. Measures factual temperature in °F & °C. Battery can be replaced. Bus switch-off. The Nexgen Medical non-mercury thermometers have made great advancements over the once many times. The blue spirit thermometers listed containing-toxic isoamyl benzoate and color. These health equipment's can be stored horizontally; their separation rate is equal to or better than mercury thermometers. The red spirit thermometers that contain pentane or xylene and color (-100 ° to 50 °C and – 50 ° to 50 °C) should be stored vertically to reduce the chances of separation.

Temperature Ranges and Limits

There are non-mercury thermometers with temperature and delicacy ranges equal to utmost mercury thermometers. An exception is on the high end of the temperature scale. Until lately 260 ° C was the typical limit fornon-mercury thermometers. A new Brown-Spirit thermometer has a maximum range lesser than 300 ° C but the delicacy limit can be ± 5 °C at high temperatures. However, Teflon carpeted mercury thermometers should be used, If scientific procedures can not be performed with non-mercury thermometers. The Teflon coating will help to reduce releases of mercury should a thermometer be broken. The non-mercury thermometers are non-toxic and environmentally safe. The broken glass should be placed in a sharps container to prevent injury. The remaining liquid can be cleaned up with soap and water. Non-mercury Thermometer