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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Mercury Thermometer (armpit use, medium size)

Mercury Thermometer (armpit use, medium size)


C, F and C & F are available.

Range: 35 – 42 °C / 94 - 108°F

Accuracy: 0.1 in °C scale / 0.2 in °F scale

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NMDE100401 Oval type, white back,
round shape plastic box

Mercury Thermometer Armpit Use Medium Size Purchase Online

Mercury Thermometer Armpit: The medical thermometer is an instrument which is used for measuring body temperature. It comes in the category of secondary thermometer. This easy to read gadget comes with digital display and is extensively recommended to be used clinically or medically at home. It can be used to take temperature of the patient or person simply by inserting it into the mouth, armpit or rectum. It can be used to take the temperature of the pets at the time of emergency. It features a glass base with bulb which contains mercury in it. This keeps on expanding or contracting based upon the temperature assessed. It is the conventional method of checking the precise temperature of the patient by doctors or nurses within the hospital. It has become the most important accessory of the household and parents having small kids. As children are more prone to fever so having one at home may help the parent to check the precise temperature of the kid without calling the doctor. However the frequent use of this device requires proper maintenance and hygiene. So, it is advised to clean the thermometer properly by making use of soap and water. It is recommended to wash it thoroughly with the cool soapy water and after that rinse it with clear water properly. Once you are through with this properly clean it with paper or cloth towel to make it dry. You may also clean it properly by rubbing it in alcohol, so that it may get completely disinfected. The most prominent variety used in this category is manufactured by Medi-Scope which is exclusively for the home usage. It proves to be a great money saver for the household and reliable gadget for daily usage. Apart from this Medi-Scope offers you wide variety of nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, diagnostic kits, X-Ray viewer, pedometers, watches, ECG machines, medical clothing, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes and surgical equipments. When you decide to buy this ergonomic gadget it is best to go through the customer review or rating for the specified product online on various website dealing with the product. You may also have the demo session for it by visiting to the nearby grocery store. This will make you to check the gadget thoroughly in physical form and buying it. Ensure to buy the one that is affordable, durable, portable and user-friendly in nature and provide you with accurate temperature reading pertaining to Celsius and Fahrenheit degree. Order now high quality Mercury Thermometer Armpit/ other healthcare products at lowest price from Nexgen Medical. Mercury Thermometer Armpit