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Endotracheal Tube, Cuffed

Mercury Thermometer (oral use, long bulb)

Mercury Thermometer (oral use, long bulb)


Blue or red color plastic box and yellow pen type plastic box are available.

C, F and C & F are available.

Range:35 – 42 °C / 94 - 108°F

Accuracy:0.1 in °C scale / 0.2 in °F scale

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NMDE100101 White back, prismatic type 720
NMDE100102 Yellow back, prismatic type 720

Mercury Thermometer.

Mercury thermometer is a type of instrument that you can use to measure your body temperature. You may have seen this device in hospitals where nurses and croakers use them for measuring cases' body temperatures. Piecemeal from this, they're also used to measure food, water and air temperatures. Mercury Thermometer is specifically designed in order to measure mortal body temperatures. Read on to know more.

Usages of Mercury Thermometer

As a useful Medical Equipment In this composition, we're going to concentrate on three types of thermometers mercury, digital and infrared. We'll go into details of each type of units to help you know more about them. This will make it easier for you to choose a unit that can meet your temperature dimension needs. Just make sure you know what you need. Mercury-in- glass thermometers are bandied because they've been used considerably in the history both institutionally and in exploration. Still, there's a growing trend nationally and internationally to phase out or ban the use of mercury thermometers and other outfit containing mercury, similar as sphygmomanometers, because of the toxin of mercury to the individual and the terrain. There are presently at least 10 countries in the United States that have banned the trade of mercury thermometers. Original megacity and county bills banning mercury thermometers are also in effect in certain areas. In practice, electronic, tympanic membrane, and single- use thermometers will be encountered much more generally than the mercury-in- glass thermometer. Mercury Thermometer (oral use, long bulb)   Mercury-in- glass thermometers correspond of a sealed glass tube calibrated in degrees Centigrade and/ or degrees Fahrenheit, with a mercury- filled force at one end. The mercury in the force expands with increased temperature, climbing advanced up the thermometer, and it contracts and recedes as the temperature falls. Mercury-in- glass thermometers generally have one of three different tips Slim ( oral or axillary) tip, the short-rounded tip ( also known as stocky), and the pear- shaped (rectal) tip1 (Fig. 22-1) All variety of thermometer available at Nexgenmedical.